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Ever since I was a little child scary movies drew me to the television set..


Not knowing why, and not really thinking about it at the time, they scared me so much I had to spend many a night in my parents bed, sleeping inbetween them, too afraid to be alone in my room.

It came to a point where my mother decided that that was it and I wasnt allowed to see scary things any more.

I felt miserable and was very angry (at age 9 imagine!)

But,, after a while I managed to sneek out under false pretences like playing at a friends house..hahaha, i was 11 at the time and for he first time in my little life saw the entire Hammer Horror  collection.

How it triggered things inside me I could not name back then, but now know them to be thrills that have a lot do to with erotica.

That is when I   got my first encounter with Mr. Christopher Lee starring in the many Dracula films, I soon developed a strange attraction and respect that lasts until this very day.

So it is no wonder this is where I will start You of on my Tour of all time great Horror Films..






Mister Christopher Lee (in my humble opinion the actor that gave live to the true undead:


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The Blood is the life.......



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"Dracula Has Risen from the Grave"           


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"Dracula A.D. 1972"                               "Taste the blood of Dracula"                             "Dracula Prince of Darkness"

         1972                                                                         1969                                                                                         1965