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~Dark Poetry~


Mortal Love

I lay with you my Mortal Lover

You have drawn me into the Mortal 'Swoon'

That I remember from long ago

I want to Embrace you my love

You say 'No'

It saddens me to think of Immortality

Without you

I long for your taste

And in maddened moments

Have almost forgotten who you are

Yet fought the temptation

To taste your sweet 'Blood'

I fear I will make you my love

Against your will

And only hope

You will forgive

`RaGe '98

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My love

How I would relish 'Immortality' with you

To love you for all 'Eternity'

To sleep the 'Immortal Sleep' together

But 'Mortality' is taking its toll

I am dying my love

I have awaited the 'Kiss' of the 'Immortal'

But my lips have not been touched

No 'Dark Master' has visited my chamber

Wind howls..

I think he is coming now

I will miss you

I can see 'Death'

He smiles




He has my hand

I love you

`RaGe '98

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I dared venture out

Housebound for so long

The moon in all it's glory,

Quieted the anxiety within

Perfumes of the 'Night' filled my nostrils

Swallowing me whole into the 'Darkness'

A nearby Tavern was alight with life

I wandered in.

The light was harsh on these 'Preternatural' eyes

I left,

Back to the comfort of my Tomb

And slept smiling

`RaGe '98

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Blood On The Moon

When the World darkens and locks it's door to the unknown night

He rises

All eye's turn away as the Vampire walks

People shut their doors as though Hell was waiting for them

He passes silently by them

Stopping to feed occaisionly..on one who left it too long to hide

'I'm not your enemy'

He whispered to the wind

Hear me someone'

I'm not your enemy

'Does a Doctor not heal you'?

Does a Mother not feed you'?

'I am a Vampire',

'I do what I do',

I am not your enemy'.

The Moon smiles on him '

I am your friend'.

`RaGe '98


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